Perfect Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Perfect Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

5 Reasons Your Engine May Be Making Knocking Sounds

by Ben Fuller

When your drive, your engine should produce a consistent and steady sound. If your engine is making a knocking sound, something is not right under the hood of your vehicle, and you need to get that checked out.

#1 Spark Plugs

The spark plugs on your vehicle are only designed to last so long. Your spark plugs allow a spark to be created that provides the combustion that your vehicle needs in order to start. The spark plugs also provide power for your engine and can also help your vehicle with the right mixture of the air and fuel that your engine needs.

The spark plugs on your vehicle are small but have a very big and mighty job. When a spark plug starts to go, your engine may sound off. Luckily, this is a really easy and affordable fix.

#2 Cooling System

If your cooling system is not working right, you may hear a knocking sound. The first thing you need to do is make sure that your vehicle has enough coolant. A lack of coolant can cause your vehicle to overheat and can cause serious damage to your engine. After you refill the coolant on your vehicle, keep an eye on the levels to see if you have a leak in your coolant system. Your coolant fluid should not have to be filled that often.

#3 EGR System

The EGR system is the system that is responsible for creating the fuel-air mixture that your engine needs. When your engine is not getting enough fuel or is getting too much fuel, you may hear a clunking sound. This clunking sound can also be caused by your EGR system getting overheated.

#4 Environment

Environmental factors can contribute to the sounds that your engine makes. If you live in an area that has really hot temperatures combined with low levels of humidity, this type of environment can cause your engine to make a knocking sound. If you live somewhere with hot temperatures and low humidity, you may need to use a higher octane of gas. The gas mixture that your engine is getting just doesn't work with the environmental factors at play.

#5 Vehicle Age

Finally, age can always be a factor. As your vehicle gets older, it is common for carbon deposits to build up within your engine's cylinder. This can cause hot spots that cause a clunking sound when you start your vehicle. Carbon deposits can also decrease the cylinder volume, leading to too much pressure in your engine, and resulting in unpleasant engine sounds.

If your vehicle starts to make clunking sounds, you are going to want to get that checked right away. Often, clunking sounds are signs of a small problem that can be easily fixed if it is fixed soon enough. For more information, contact your local transmission shop.


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