Perfect Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Perfect Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

How To Conserve Fuel On Your 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle

by Ben Fuller

You might love having a four-wheel drive vehicle, whether you enjoy off-roading as a hobby of if you just like having the ability to get your vehicle out of situations that it might otherwise get stuck in. However, one disadvantage of driving a four-wheel drive vehicle is the fact that it can be less efficient on fuel than a two-wheel drive truck or SUV. Luckily, there are still ways that you can conserve fuel. These are a few tips that can help you do so.

Swap Out Your Tires

Do you have mud tires on your truck? If so, you might like the fact that you can head off-roading any time that you want to. However, bigger tires can cause your vehicle to use more fuel. If you don't do much off-roading, it might not be worth it to have off-road tires on your vehicle at all. If you do like going off-roading but use your vehicle for other things, such as if you drive it to work each day, then you may want to consider having two sets of tires. You can use your everyday tires when you're driving your vehicle back and forth to work or when you're running errands, and then you can put on your mud tires when you want to go off-roading. This can help you enjoy the best of both worlds without using more fuel than you have to on a daily basis. Plus, since mud tires can be more expensive than regular tires, it can allow you to keep them in good shape for longer, which can also save you money in the long run.

Keep Your Vehicle Well-Maintained

Taking your vehicle off-roading can be hard on it, so you want to make sure that you keep it well-maintained. Swapping out your filters, having your vehicle serviced on a regular basis and otherwise making sure that it's properly taken care of can both help you conserve fuel and help you keep your vehicle in good condition.

Avoid Using Four-Wheel Drive When You Don't Need It

It might be tempting to put your vehicle in four-wheel drive so that you can take advantage of its power, but avoid using this feature when you don't have to. This is because your vehicle uses more fuel when it's in four-wheel drive than when it's in two-wheel drive.

As you can see, there are ways that you can conserve fuel when you have a four-wheel drive vehicle. If you'd like to keep your fuel costs down, give these tips a try so that you can enjoy your four-wheel drive vehicle. For more information, contact local professionals like Extreme Wheels.


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