Perfect Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Perfect Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Three Aftermarket Items You Need To Add To Your Stock Pick Up Truck

by Ben Fuller

If you bought a new pickup truck, then a good idea would be to add some aftermarket accessories that will improve your comfort, protect the truck, and also make it more useful for hauling materials. Below are three different things you should have added to your truck.

Running Boards To Make It Easier To Get In And Out Of The Truck

A running board is a long side step that will help you get in and out of the truck. There are all sorts of reasons you might want to have these installed. They are a positioned a bit lower than the door opening, which in pick up trucks can be high. This is helpful even if you're a tall man because you don't want to have to constantly step up and hop down, which can be very tiresome if you use your pickup truck to do any hauling, which requires you to get in and out several times a trip. Needless to say, if there are short men or women (or kids) who need to use the car, then this running step is going to be well appreciated.

If you don't like the visual look of a long running board, you can get a single step. These are great for smaller pickups that only have two doors. The running boards are better for the larger, 4-door pickup trucks.

A Spray On Liner To Protect Your Bed

If you are going to be doing any sort of hauling (garbage, soil, rocks, lumbar), then you should get a spray on liner. These will protect the metal liner of the truck bed from rust, scratches, and also make it super easy to clean. The bed can just be sprayed out with a hose and you don't have to worry about the sitting water causing rust. A spray on liner will bond right to the metal and won't leave any gaps (like insert liners can) which might let water creep underneath and sit against the metal and cause rust.

A Bed Extender To Help With Hauling

If you purchased a pickup truck with a short bed (which is common in many small size trucks) then you might want to invest in a bed extender. These are great for times when you do want that extra room. Perhaps you didn't need a large size pickup truck (which are expensive and hard to park if you live in a city with street parking), but on occasion you might want to haul something that won't fit in the truck bed. For these times you can use the bed extenders.


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Perfect Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

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