Perfect Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Perfect Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Football Fans: Semi-Truck Features to Help Get Through the Season

by Ben Fuller

Traveling on the road can be tough for sports fans, especially football fans. If you're traveling on a Saturday or Sunday, then you can end up missing multiple games from both college and the NFL. As you seek out a semi-truck to drive on the road, there are a number of designs and elements that can cater directly to football fans. By seeking out these elements, you can celebrate your love for the sport and help create easy ways to enjoy the season. Semi-trucks can come with numerous features to help you watch, listen, and celebrate the game of football throughout the whole season.

Adjustable Television Mounts

Getting access to a variety of football games can made easier with an over-the-air digital cable signals. You do not need a cable subscription to gain access to a variety of networks that air football games. A number of sleeper cabs come with wall-based television mounts that make it easy to install a flat-screen TV without taking up too much space. Once a TV is installed, you can add a digital cable antenna that picks up network channels. During your rests on game day, you can tune into network games and enjoy all of the live football action. An adjustable mount makes it easy to watch the game from your driver's seat or when laying down on a bed in the back of a sleeper cab.

Advanced Radio Connections

If you're actually driving during football games, then you may be forced to listen to the games as opposed to watching them. If this is the case, then you may want to seek a semi-truck with advanced radio options installed. Digital tuners and access to different types of streaming radio can make a big difference in your ability to hear a variety of game updates and football news. A number of games are broadcast on the radio, and having as many options as possible will make it easier to tune into your favorite team. As you look at different semi-truck consoles, it's important to be aware of the different radio options that you have available to you. You can also look to see if there is room to upgrade and install different types of radios if needed.

Satellite Internet Connections

Along with television and radio, a lot of football footage can be accessed through the Internet. Accessing the Internet on the road can be made a lot easier with a semi-truck that offers a satellite Internet connection. These connections allows you to stream football footage and watch highlight clips. If you're a big fan of fantasy football, then you can use these connections to edit your teams, check on the leagues, and see live standings during game-day match-ups. The satellite Internet option can give you a more stable connection then dealing with cell towers and service. This is especially true when you want to stream videos or look at photos from game highlights.

Cargo Nets

Enjoying football games may also give you the itch to pass a ball around for a little bit. During small rest stops and overnight stays, you can have access to a football for tossing around. These footballs can be kept stable in your truck by purchasing a semi-truck with cargo nets installed. Cargo-net storage is ideal for keeping the unique shape of a football. A cargo net will not let the ball roll around or cause distractions while you are driving. Once you park, it's easy to retrieve the football and play around with it. Cargo nets are also ideal for holding a variety of snacks to enjoy during football games. This includes chips, crackers, and desserts like cookies.

As you shop for semi-trucks, keep your desire to watch football in mind. This will help you select a truck with these specific features.


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